This week in class we focused mostly on our Web Text reviews which were originally due on Monday the 6th, but since we have a great instructor who can bend the rules a bit because of the students needs that paper isn’t due until Wednesday now. On Monday we got into groups of three but in my group one of our members was missing so I got to work one on one with Jimmy Scheidler who plays football for BGSU. I thought we worked well together because we seemed to have some of the same ideas and that proved to be true when actually coming up for examples for our “ways to gather information.” This proved to be very helpful because it teaches us how to gather the information we may need to complete our web text review or looking forward to complete and do research for our web pages that we design. Once we posted what we thought was needed to gather information on the discussion board area of blackboard we then had to go up in front of the class as groups and tell the class about what we thought was important when trying to gather information and how to go about it. On Wednesday we answered 2 questions for the instructor, the first one asked what we liked about the class and the second asked what can be done different to make this class better. After this we got to work on our Web Text reviews individually, which I thought was good because I was and still am having trouble with writing it. I asked the instructor a few questions to clarify a few things and it helped but I guess this assignment is proving harder than it originally seemed. As for Friday we are going to do peer reviews via blackboard, we have to submit our papers in the discussion board part of backboard and our peers will look at them and give us helpful tips on how to make our papers better. I just hope by Friday morning at 10:00am my paper is complete and in order for someone to look at and review it. Like I said this assignment is proving to be quite difficult and I have my work cut out ahead of me, because of where I stand now.


~ by wnorris on October 3, 2008.

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