This week in class was shorter than normal because of fall break, so of course we didn’t get as much done as in a standard week.  To start with, our instructor emailed the class and said that our Web Text Reviews weren’t due Monday the 6th, but now it would be due Wednesday before fall break.  This was a surprise to me because I wouldn’t have imagined that she would of done that, but it was very beneficial because I was originally struggling when writing the Web Text review.  This actually ended up helping me out in the long run, because I got my girlfriend to peer review it on top of the feedback I got from the students in the class when doing the blackboard peer review.  For Monday’s class we had to read the student tech tutorials on Dreamweaver and Adobe Photoshop, both of these PDF files were very long.  To be honest I read about 20 of the 30 pages in the Dreamweaver tutorial and about 25 or the 37 pages from the Photoshop tutorial, I had a very busy and stressful weekend because my mother was admitted to the ER because she/we thought she had a mild stroke.  So needless to say I have had other things on my mind lately, this also effected putting the finishing touches on the Web Text Review.  As for the reading that was due for Wednesday, I’m not going to lie I didn’t read it because I finished my paper last night finally and yesterday during the day I was with my mother while she was getting more tests done.  On a good note we did find out it wasn’t a stroke but the doctors think it is a combination of abstine bar which both me and my mom have which slowly kills your immune system and then the other thing is they think she may have MS, so I have been a bit off this week.  Monday in class we went over some basics of Dreamweaver and on Wednesday we submitted our Web Text Reviews and did a group project regarding Page design guidelines.


~ by wnorris on October 8, 2008.

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