Research Summary to replace Weekly review

This week in class we’ve done a few things pertaining to our Audience analysis sheets for the web site design.  I’ve decided to write about my research summary for this week instead of writing about an actual review for this week and its events.  When searching for the research to use I used a few different methods to obtain my desired information.  I have spoke to my father and he is going to give me an interview that I can record so I can have all the facts that I need to create my fan page right then and there, but of course there has to be more information than things just about him, we need races results, a history, and some pictures of him sailing.  I’m also going to use the website Great Lakes Single Handed Sailing Society’s page to gather information on the race results and to use the sheets they have post and attach them to my fathers fan page so the most recent and up to date race results are available to anyone who views my web page.  I also am in the process of finding the article that was printed in the Blade that talked about my dad and a friend of his crossing the Atlantic Ocean, this article was like an interview of the 2 and how it was to cross the Atlantic, it gave their experiences ands also talked about what they learned and if they would ever do it again. I’m also trying to interview my dad’s sailing partner, who has been sailing with him for over 20 some odd years.  I believe having the perspective of another sailor is also good because it allows others to see what people may think about my dad and how successful he has been when it comes to sailing.  Like I said I have scheduled an interview with my father and the date in which it takes place is November 2nd, it is so far away because he is actually in the Caribbean right now getting the family boat ready to the sailing season.  From here I believe I try to get everything else done besides my father interview and then hit it hard with the information I gain from him.  I have plenty of info right now to create a good web page, but I want to make this something special and something that will stand out.  So I’m willing to go to the extra effort to get the things the way I want them to be.  I will start designing my web page on paper this weekend and will hopefully have a “rough draft” completed by Monday along with my audience analysis sheet. I already have the colors picked out and I have also been searching my hard drive and the sailing websites for pictures of my dad sailing so I can use them in the web site I am designing, things seem to be going pretty good as of now for this project and I’m excited to get it ready to be graded. 


~ by wnorris on October 17, 2008.

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