This week in class we did a variety of things.  We have been working on our audience analysis for this week and also working on our web proposals.  Monday we talked about our web proposals and cleared up some of the questions we had at that point in time.  We then also started going over Dreamweaver again and learning how to make charts/tables that have links and that can be interacted with.  I also on this day asked some questions to clear some things up for me personally so I can have a better understanding of Dreamweaver so I can use what I’ve learned to make a fantastic web page for my dad.  Wednesday in class we looked more at Dreamweaver and how to link different pages that we’ve created to our own created Homepage.  This was helpful because now we can start to link different parts of our web pages to each other.  Friday, I had my meeting with the teacher and we went over how the class is going and how my web proposal is coming along.  We talked for maybe 15 minutes to clear some things up, and in class we talked about extending our due date till later and the instructor agreed to allow us to turn the paper in Monday night before midnight.  Then we did our peer reviews and if we didn’t have our papers we got pared up to discuss what we are doing for our web proposals.  I thought this was very helpful.


~ by wnorris on October 24, 2008.

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