The Most Spooky Day/Week Of The Year

This week in class we did many different things that proved to be exciting and worthwhile. Monday we had to turn in our Web proposals, be luckily since our instructor is super nice she gave us an extension till Monday night at midnight, or we could turn in a hard copy Tuesday morning. I chose to turn my in Tuesday morning as a hard copy because I thought it would be more professional and good looking if I turned my whole project in at once all stapled together and looking GOOD. I spent so much time putting my web proposal together my head hurt Tuesday morning when I turned it in. Wednesday I skipped class to go to the Sarah Palin speech with my mother at Anderson Arena. After the speech, which after my mother and I finally getting out was already 12:20 and I had none of my English stuff. So we decided to go to lunch together since we were actually spending time together before she left for the Caribbean. He went to the Hu-Nan Buffet, it was delicious. For Friday’s class though I have looked over Shauntina Lilly presentation for tomorrow. After she presents tomorrow I will make comments on what I think she needs to work on and how she should go about it. Finally I hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween.


~ by wnorris on October 31, 2008.

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