Nov. 3 to Nov. 14

During the week of November 3rd to the 7th I missed a few classes because I was very sick and was basically bed ridden. This is why I never originally did a blog for that that because I’d figure just to combine the two weeks together into one big bog post. For the days that I was there we did some presentations which were scheduled and then we would leave the feedback after listening to what the other students had to say. We would then log onto BGSU blackboard and go under communication and then group pages and whoever we listened to is the person whose discussion board you wrote on. Also every day after this we would have time to work on our web pages so we can have time in class which allows us to ask questions if we have any for the teacher. I know in my case I have asked a ton of questions to try and better understand the two programs Photoshop and Dreamweaver.

On to this week, I missed class again on Monday because of being sick which defiantly put me on my back and I slept all weekend. When I get sick I just basically go into a ball in my bed and sleep, because I’ve had mono so many times that it went from mono to epstein bar which in limens terms means it is slowly killing my immune system. Wednesday though we split up into our groups again and watched another presentation and then went back to our seats where we were given time to type a response to the presenters questions and give them feedback. I know that I always try to say something during their presentation and when I leave feedback I try and make sure to point out what I said again, that’s if it is worth mentioning again. After this we then had time in class to work on our web sites and after missing a few classes I can see from looking where others are, I’m actually in the same position as them still a little confused on the Dreamweaver stuff but it is slowly but surely coming along. So far I have the webpage layout done and a few other odds and ends. As for Friday we are looking at another presentation and leaving them feedback just like we have been doing for the past two weeks and then we will have time to once again work on our web pages, and today I have already set a few questions aside to ask so I can work on mine over the weekend since I just the Dreamweaver program.


~ by wnorris on November 14, 2008.

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