November 17-21

This week in class was a pretty busy one. On Monday we continued the student presentations of their web pages and what they were going to do. And after every student presented we once again had time to write on their discussion board to answer some of their interesting question regarding their web page so far. After we did this on Monday we were back on the grind again being able to work on our web pages during class time which is very helpful because it allows us to ask as many questions as possible and to use the instructor’s knowledge to the best of her ability. On Wednesday it was peer evaluation day, where you brought in what you had done on your website so far and a typed document of 150 + words explaining where you are at and what still needs to be done. You also brought in a list of questions you would want answered by the people who looked over your web site the way it sat, so you could gain feedback on what others think. After I had 2 people review my web page and leave me feedback I emailed the teacher like she asked and told her what to expect and how to potentially grade our projects. Once I was done with this I got back to working on my web site, I finished the contact link in class and I started to work on the gallery portion of my web site. Friday in class is my day to present my project as of what I have completed, I have already submitted the questions I want people to answer and I have my presentation set up so I should be ready to go. After I do my presentation I hope to once again be allowed to have class time to work on our projects before the weekend.


~ by wnorris on November 20, 2008.

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