As Of 9-26-08

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This week in review I will say I thought was a productive one. Monday in class we looked at how element/contrast affected web pages and pictures in general. We also talked about the Web text review quite a bit, because there was a lot of confusion in regards to it. When I went into class on Monday I was still confused on what topic I should choose to write my Web Text review on. We did a group activity in which we all had to write down a few of our ideas on a piece of paper and then turn it into the teacher. She then read some of the good examples that other students had to help us who were lost gain our bearing. I know this activity helped me because I then decided on what to write my Web Text review on and then even more I decided what to do for when designing my own web page. I chose to write a review for The Great Lakes Singlehanded Society and for my actual web page I’m going to make a fan page for my father who is a successful sailor and has won TONS of racing and events. I have pictures and cut outs from the experiences he has experienced during these races. I’m truly looking forward to this two up and coming projects.


Week In Review 9-19-08

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This week our readings looked at one main thing and that is how to create a all around well put together web page/design. These readings made me understand why certain criteria for web design are needed so a web page can be affective and digitally up to date with technology. The first article I read was “The Seven C’s of Web Design Service,” which gave us seven different criteria to look at and take into consideration when designing a webpage. In this article all of the seven words that were used began with a C of course which described what needed to be done to design appropriately. The seven C’s were; Comprehensiveness, Currentness, Client-Orientation, Clarity over Coolness, Courtesy over Coolness, Compatibility without Compromise, and Cross-Linking and Validation. These just go to show you what can and needs to be done for a top notch web design.

The second article I looked at was “The Seven C’s of Interactive Design,” which basically told me how to make the web page hip and cool, and digitally pleasing. In this article they looked at what people should look at when creating a web page so it is functional in all aspects when having others uses it. We did a group example in class when we split up into groups of 3 people and had to evaluate the BGSU website and how it was put together. The seven different groups had to look at the following; Correctness, Creativity, Consistency, Clarity, Consideration, Curiosity, and Coherence. Each group was assigned one of the seven C’s and had to apply it to the BGSU homepage/website. My group had consistency, and we looked at how the text was consist throughout the website and so was the color themes, orange, purple, green, and sub colors of different reds and browns. We also thought there was consistency with the content of the website too. After this each group went up to the front and explained their findings, overall I thought it was a very helpful and interesting learning event.

The third article we had to read for this week was “How C.R.A.P. is your site design,” which stood for contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity. These are important because they can in fact help you design a well developed web page, the word C.R.A.P. actually means to me that each letter is an important piece in the design of your web site. It can help you in any situation just like the other two articles we read this week can.

I know when I go to look at and grade a website I will be keeping all of these new tools in mind, especially when I go to design my own web site for the project at the end of the semester.

Reflection 9/12/08

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            This week was very interesting in Eng 207, we looked at many different things in class and this week we had to write our rough drafts for our “Technology Autobiography.”  We did a few great class exercises that taught us about Framing, Lighting, Black and White vs. Color, Concepts, and text and purpose, and who the audience would be for a specific photo or picture.  I thought it was very interesting learning about how a picture can be framed differential and how it would change the way the audience would look at it.  I thought it was cool that black and white pictures are considered to be more professional and aimed towards more of an older audience.  When it comes to text of a picture it doesn’t mean that there has to be words in it, it just needs to tell you something or show something like a collage.  When it came to writing my paper about my past experiences with technology, I thought it was going to be much easier than what it was.  It took me longer than expected and was more of a challenge for me because I had to remember back to the days when I used all of these devices for the first time.  Once I starting typing and getting into a rhythm it was hard to stop and I almost felt I was just covering the same stuff over and over again, but in the long run I was making good progress and it turned out to be a great success I think.  I learned a lot this week and it I know when this class is over and done with I will walk away keeping this information with me till the end of time.

Reading for the week of 9/1/08 to 9/5/08

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Just My Thoughts and Opinions:

In the three readings we had for this week I noticed a common theme that the advancement of technology is maybe affecting the way we learn and comprehend information. This includes writing and reading anything that may make you a better rounded individual. In the past years technology has been pretty much taking over how we live our so called normal lives, like we talked about in class on Wednesday how you don’t even need to go to the library anymore to get your information all you need is a computer hooked up to the internet. I’m a senior graduating in December and I can honestly say I’ve gone to the library maybe four times to actual find a print source, this is because of the internet and how easy it is to find what you’re looking for using search engines.

In the article “Is Google Making Us Stupid,” I found very many interesting things which I could talk about for multiple pages. This is one of the most interesting articles I have read to date, because of what it covers and how it covers it. For example how the author thinks that we are losing the will to read long articles because when we search for something on the internet it most of the time gives us exactly what we want so we don’t need to read anymore about it. Think about it, if you had to write a 8-10 page paper without the use of the internet it would take forever, but because we have the internet and search engines which make it easy for us like Google, it takes a fraction of the time. The one thing that I would really like to test would be to have two people have the same guidelines and write about the same topic, but one uses the internet only and the other uses print sources or books only. I believe that the outcome would be that the person writing the paper using books would have much greater detail and information that didn’t seem incomplete; I also believe their paper would be much better than the other person’s paper who used the internet. My favorite part about this article is how it was compared with Stanley Kubrick’s film 2001:A Space Odyssey, which I must admit I’m a HUGE Kubrick fan I love all of his work. The clip we watched in class was a simplified version that is for sure, but just who the article compared the two was just amazing to me.

In the second article for the week “Introduction: Writing in the late age of print,” was also something that I never really thought about before reading this. This article claimed that print and digital print were basically affecting each other to a certain point. This article also points out that since the creation of the internet and computers we have all the information we need at our fingertips, which could possibly destroy all print media in general because of the development of the internet and what it can do.

The last reading for this week was “Multiliteracies for a Digital Age.” In this particular article it talked about how computers contribute to the learning process of the words culture and what kind of affect there could eventually be. This article reminded me of this class because we are using computers to write Weblogs and to write our papers for the course and then submit them in the digital dropbox on the BGSU web portal, and if we don’t know how to use it you can teach us how to which was also talked about in this article about instructors teaching students to use the technology available. So in reality you are helping us and proving the article right that we need to be digitally literate.

8/29/08 The First Contact

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The first time I came in contact with a computer was roughly around the year 1991-1992.  I had the opportunity to use my parent’s original Macintosh computer which I posted a picture of so you all can see what I had to deal with.  Overall it was an amazing experience and from that day forward I always used computers, if it was from using the internet at the great 56k modem speed, or the subpar games that came on the computer like; minesweeper, hearts, solitaire, or whatever else.  The main reason I was introduced to a computer at such a young age was so I could learn on it by using learning games like the fantastic game Math Blaster, Oregon trail and some other game that I don’t remember the name of unfortunately.  Now days I use computers though to do a variety of things like; research, searching for business, and using an assortment of Microsoft’s Office programs to make everything I do that much better.  I now also do buy things online and from time to time chat with old friends on either facebook or AIM.

Class 8/27/08

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After class today I believe my view of writing and digital writing has cahnged.  Digital writing I now see can be used/shown with pictures like the video we viewed in class.  My view of actual writing has changed also because not only do we use it to communicate and to pass down traditions or history, but like the cave men we can use pictures or images to show what we mean.

About Me

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Hello, my name is Walter Miles Norris IV.  I’m from Sylvania, OH which is like a 30min. drive from BG so i commute. I’m a senior here and i graduate in December, finally.  i work a lot at Valley Plastics which i own a 1/3 of, so im have a controlling interest in the company, i don’t know though once i graduate if that is in fact what i want to do fro the rest of my life.