November 17-21

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This week in class was a pretty busy one. On Monday we continued the student presentations of their web pages and what they were going to do. And after every student presented we once again had time to write on their discussion board to answer some of their interesting question regarding their web page so far. After we did this on Monday we were back on the grind again being able to work on our web pages during class time which is very helpful because it allows us to ask as many questions as possible and to use the instructor’s knowledge to the best of her ability. On Wednesday it was peer evaluation day, where you brought in what you had done on your website so far and a typed document of 150 + words explaining where you are at and what still needs to be done. You also brought in a list of questions you would want answered by the people who looked over your web site the way it sat, so you could gain feedback on what others think. After I had 2 people review my web page and leave me feedback I emailed the teacher like she asked and told her what to expect and how to potentially grade our projects. Once I was done with this I got back to working on my web site, I finished the contact link in class and I started to work on the gallery portion of my web site. Friday in class is my day to present my project as of what I have completed, I have already submitted the questions I want people to answer and I have my presentation set up so I should be ready to go. After I do my presentation I hope to once again be allowed to have class time to work on our projects before the weekend.


Nov. 3 to Nov. 14

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During the week of November 3rd to the 7th I missed a few classes because I was very sick and was basically bed ridden. This is why I never originally did a blog for that that because I’d figure just to combine the two weeks together into one big bog post. For the days that I was there we did some presentations which were scheduled and then we would leave the feedback after listening to what the other students had to say. We would then log onto BGSU blackboard and go under communication and then group pages and whoever we listened to is the person whose discussion board you wrote on. Also every day after this we would have time to work on our web pages so we can have time in class which allows us to ask questions if we have any for the teacher. I know in my case I have asked a ton of questions to try and better understand the two programs Photoshop and Dreamweaver.

On to this week, I missed class again on Monday because of being sick which defiantly put me on my back and I slept all weekend. When I get sick I just basically go into a ball in my bed and sleep, because I’ve had mono so many times that it went from mono to epstein bar which in limens terms means it is slowly killing my immune system. Wednesday though we split up into our groups again and watched another presentation and then went back to our seats where we were given time to type a response to the presenters questions and give them feedback. I know that I always try to say something during their presentation and when I leave feedback I try and make sure to point out what I said again, that’s if it is worth mentioning again. After this we then had time in class to work on our web sites and after missing a few classes I can see from looking where others are, I’m actually in the same position as them still a little confused on the Dreamweaver stuff but it is slowly but surely coming along. So far I have the webpage layout done and a few other odds and ends. As for Friday we are looking at another presentation and leaving them feedback just like we have been doing for the past two weeks and then we will have time to once again work on our web pages, and today I have already set a few questions aside to ask so I can work on mine over the weekend since I just the Dreamweaver program.

The Most Spooky Day/Week Of The Year

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This week in class we did many different things that proved to be exciting and worthwhile. Monday we had to turn in our Web proposals, be luckily since our instructor is super nice she gave us an extension till Monday night at midnight, or we could turn in a hard copy Tuesday morning. I chose to turn my in Tuesday morning as a hard copy because I thought it would be more professional and good looking if I turned my whole project in at once all stapled together and looking GOOD. I spent so much time putting my web proposal together my head hurt Tuesday morning when I turned it in. Wednesday I skipped class to go to the Sarah Palin speech with my mother at Anderson Arena. After the speech, which after my mother and I finally getting out was already 12:20 and I had none of my English stuff. So we decided to go to lunch together since we were actually spending time together before she left for the Caribbean. He went to the Hu-Nan Buffet, it was delicious. For Friday’s class though I have looked over Shauntina Lilly presentation for tomorrow. After she presents tomorrow I will make comments on what I think she needs to work on and how she should go about it. Finally I hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween.


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            This week in class we did a variety of things.  We have been working on our audience analysis for this week and also working on our web proposals.  Monday we talked about our web proposals and cleared up some of the questions we had at that point in time.  We then also started going over Dreamweaver again and learning how to make charts/tables that have links and that can be interacted with.  I also on this day asked some questions to clear some things up for me personally so I can have a better understanding of Dreamweaver so I can use what I’ve learned to make a fantastic web page for my dad.  Wednesday in class we looked more at Dreamweaver and how to link different pages that we’ve created to our own created Homepage.  This was helpful because now we can start to link different parts of our web pages to each other.  Friday, I had my meeting with the teacher and we went over how the class is going and how my web proposal is coming along.  We talked for maybe 15 minutes to clear some things up, and in class we talked about extending our due date till later and the instructor agreed to allow us to turn the paper in Monday night before midnight.  Then we did our peer reviews and if we didn’t have our papers we got pared up to discuss what we are doing for our web proposals.  I thought this was very helpful.

Research Summary to replace Weekly review

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This week in class we’ve done a few things pertaining to our Audience analysis sheets for the web site design.  I’ve decided to write about my research summary for this week instead of writing about an actual review for this week and its events.  When searching for the research to use I used a few different methods to obtain my desired information.  I have spoke to my father and he is going to give me an interview that I can record so I can have all the facts that I need to create my fan page right then and there, but of course there has to be more information than things just about him, we need races results, a history, and some pictures of him sailing.  I’m also going to use the website Great Lakes Single Handed Sailing Society’s page to gather information on the race results and to use the sheets they have post and attach them to my fathers fan page so the most recent and up to date race results are available to anyone who views my web page.  I also am in the process of finding the article that was printed in the Blade that talked about my dad and a friend of his crossing the Atlantic Ocean, this article was like an interview of the 2 and how it was to cross the Atlantic, it gave their experiences ands also talked about what they learned and if they would ever do it again. I’m also trying to interview my dad’s sailing partner, who has been sailing with him for over 20 some odd years.  I believe having the perspective of another sailor is also good because it allows others to see what people may think about my dad and how successful he has been when it comes to sailing.  Like I said I have scheduled an interview with my father and the date in which it takes place is November 2nd, it is so far away because he is actually in the Caribbean right now getting the family boat ready to the sailing season.  From here I believe I try to get everything else done besides my father interview and then hit it hard with the information I gain from him.  I have plenty of info right now to create a good web page, but I want to make this something special and something that will stand out.  So I’m willing to go to the extra effort to get the things the way I want them to be.  I will start designing my web page on paper this weekend and will hopefully have a “rough draft” completed by Monday along with my audience analysis sheet. I already have the colors picked out and I have also been searching my hard drive and the sailing websites for pictures of my dad sailing so I can use them in the web site I am designing, things seem to be going pretty good as of now for this project and I’m excited to get it ready to be graded. 


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            This week in class was shorter than normal because of fall break, so of course we didn’t get as much done as in a standard week.  To start with, our instructor emailed the class and said that our Web Text Reviews weren’t due Monday the 6th, but now it would be due Wednesday before fall break.  This was a surprise to me because I wouldn’t have imagined that she would of done that, but it was very beneficial because I was originally struggling when writing the Web Text review.  This actually ended up helping me out in the long run, because I got my girlfriend to peer review it on top of the feedback I got from the students in the class when doing the blackboard peer review.  For Monday’s class we had to read the student tech tutorials on Dreamweaver and Adobe Photoshop, both of these PDF files were very long.  To be honest I read about 20 of the 30 pages in the Dreamweaver tutorial and about 25 or the 37 pages from the Photoshop tutorial, I had a very busy and stressful weekend because my mother was admitted to the ER because she/we thought she had a mild stroke.  So needless to say I have had other things on my mind lately, this also effected putting the finishing touches on the Web Text Review.  As for the reading that was due for Wednesday, I’m not going to lie I didn’t read it because I finished my paper last night finally and yesterday during the day I was with my mother while she was getting more tests done.  On a good note we did find out it wasn’t a stroke but the doctors think it is a combination of abstine bar which both me and my mom have which slowly kills your immune system and then the other thing is they think she may have MS, so I have been a bit off this week.  Monday in class we went over some basics of Dreamweaver and on Wednesday we submitted our Web Text Reviews and did a group project regarding Page design guidelines.


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         This week in class we focused mostly on our Web Text reviews which were originally due on Monday the 6th, but since we have a great instructor who can bend the rules a bit because of the students needs that paper isn’t due until Wednesday now. On Monday we got into groups of three but in my group one of our members was missing so I got to work one on one with Jimmy Scheidler who plays football for BGSU. I thought we worked well together because we seemed to have some of the same ideas and that proved to be true when actually coming up for examples for our “ways to gather information.” This proved to be very helpful because it teaches us how to gather the information we may need to complete our web text review or looking forward to complete and do research for our web pages that we design. Once we posted what we thought was needed to gather information on the discussion board area of blackboard we then had to go up in front of the class as groups and tell the class about what we thought was important when trying to gather information and how to go about it. On Wednesday we answered 2 questions for the instructor, the first one asked what we liked about the class and the second asked what can be done different to make this class better. After this we got to work on our Web Text reviews individually, which I thought was good because I was and still am having trouble with writing it. I asked the instructor a few questions to clarify a few things and it helped but I guess this assignment is proving harder than it originally seemed. As for Friday we are going to do peer reviews via blackboard, we have to submit our papers in the discussion board part of backboard and our peers will look at them and give us helpful tips on how to make our papers better. I just hope by Friday morning at 10:00am my paper is complete and in order for someone to look at and review it. Like I said this assignment is proving to be quite difficult and I have my work cut out ahead of me, because of where I stand now.